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Total Fraud Protection ® Strategy

Flexible and comprehensive multi-layered defense across all devices, channels and clouds.


Why is layered security important?

Security and fraud analysts agree that multiple layers of fraud protection are the only way to ensure robust electronic security. Here are the benefits:

Combat password reuse – Passwords remain the standard for security despite ineffectiveness due to rampant reuse and improved brute-force cracking methods.

Collaborative protection – Enhance safe browsing solutions, for example, by incorporating threat deactivation, thus protecting entire customer populations.

Protection across attack stages – Every electronic attack must be planned, launched and cashed out, having protection at all stages ensures your system is secure.

Leverage intelligence across layers – Integrated systems can share data to enhance customer profiles, deactivate attacks, and improve overall fraud prevention.

Total Fraud Protection is a one-stop-shop for end-to-end fraud protection, leveraging data and intelligence across its layers to ensure reliable risk management in an ever changing fraud environment. The flexible components can also be deployed individually to shore up legacy systems and other fraud protection initiatives.




DMS Detect Monitoring Service
Proactive Web Fraud Protection
Proactive web fraud detection and takedown service with a cloud-based management portal. Real-time monitoring of phishing, pharming and social media.
DSB Detect Safe Browsing
End-User Protection

Protects end-user devices from advanced fraud, gains visibility into the threat environment and blocks those threats at the source. Also available as DSB2Go, a portable, locked-down web browser housed in a USB device.

DID DetectID
Multi-Factor Authentication

Leverage threat visibility and transaction risk scoring via flexible authentication factors across all channels. Provides robust device identification and can integrate with and manage legacy authentication solutions.
DTA DetectTA
Transaction Anomaly Detection

Multi-channel and cross-channel transaction visibility with real-time identification of risky transactions. Can validate risky transactions in real time through integration with DetectID.

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