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DetectID provides an adaptable authentication platform that supports all transactional channels and also integrates with existing legacy authentication systems, slashing installation and deployment times and unifying multi-channel application authentication.

DetectID’s comprehensive authentication platform differentiates your clients’ security experience and delivers powerful new business functionality.

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pdf Datasheet pdf Datasheet Device Authenticator

device_int Authenticators: Tokens, SMS, Push & Other Form Factors

DetectID supports a wide range of authentication methods, from two-factor software tokens to hardware credentials. It also can provide out-of-band authentication methods such as SMS or email delivery of one-time passwords (OTP). Additionally, DetectID proprietary device authentication provides the flexibility to require additional authentication factors if a device is not recognized.
Collaborative Push Authentication and Push Transaction Verification

DetectID allows push Authentication to be integrated with a mobile banking app, providing a much better Out-of-Band Authentication user experience than SMS-based Out-of-Band. The functionality sends a push notification to a customer’s smartphone to approve a login or transaction request. Also available with a DetectID Soft Token application.
Device aut Fast Deployment with Gateway

DetectID Authentication Gateway allows your organization to continue to manage existing legacy authentication systems, so that you can migrate to DetectID future-forward authentication solutions when it meets your schedule.
Device aut Transparently Embed Strong Authentication in Mobile Applications

Organizations can embed transparent authentication in their mobile application using the Detect ID SDK. The SDK provides device authentication and push authentication technology from within a native application.



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pdf Whitepaper: A guide to protect online transactions
pdf Whitepaper: Agile Multi-factor authentication    

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