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DetectID Web Authenticator

DetectID is an innovative authentication solution to implement a two factor authentication scheme using a proprietary patent-pending algorithm by extending the authentication process to the device where the transactions are being launched.

Working at the device level, DetectID captures hardware specific information that is used to feed the proprietary algorithm to define a device fingerprint.

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This scheme allows creating two factor strong authentication scenarios where the user/password combination is tied to devices based on which DetectID can define, in real time, the level of confidence that can be expected from any Internet banking session at any given moment.

DetectID Web Authenticator Provides out of the box protection to control access to your critical applications across the enterprise enabling you to easily comply with regulation while effectively control access to your information.




  • Pushes protection where it is most needed – the consumer device.
  • Strong authentication via hardware device authentication.
  • Control access to your critical applications.
  • Make sure your users on the appropriate devices are accessing the appropriate business applications.
  • Easy to implement and deploy across unlimited number of users.


Easy Solutions Inc. ©Product Features

Device Authentication

100% hardware authentication engine able to univocally authenticate devices running Windows, Linux or Mac

Out of the Box

DetectID Web Authenticator can provide seamless integration across your web application infrastructure right away maximizing the return on investment.

Device Policy Security Enforcement

DetectID Web Authenticator can validate specific security policies during the logon process to any critical application to maximize the level of security to the session or identify devices that are out of compliance.

Additional Authentication Schemes

DetectID is loaded with out of the box additional authentication schemes like virtual grid card authentication and could also be integrated with external OTP technologies via Detect Professional Services.

User’s Device White Lists

This feature allows an end user to enroll more than one device as a valid token for the strong authentication system implemented using device authentication

Firewall-like rules for devices

Just like traditional firewalls, DetectID Web Authenticator allows the creation of accept/deny rules involving the device/user combination as the decision factor creating a broad view of access control security

Easy Implementation

DetectID has been designed and developed for easy integration with the customer’s current business and security environment. DetectID supports web services to reduce the amount of code that has to be added in the authentication routine of the current web application.


Easy Solutions Inc. ©Service Benefits

Rapid Implementation

With DetectID one implementation enables security for the whole on-line community eliminating additional activation

Regulatory Compliance

DetectID Web Authenticator is a easy shortcut to comply with global regulation like PCI, Sarbanes- Oxley and HIPAA but also with local in-country regulation.

Extended Platform and Browser Support

DetectID is a proven technology over Windows, Linux, Mac with browsers like: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari

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