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Detect Monitoring Service

Detect Monitoring Service (DMS) is a complete cloud-based anti-fraud monitoring solution providing proactive Brand Threat Intelligence and anti-Phishing, Pharming, and Malware detection and deactivation. DMS goes beyond the typical threat identification and notification services by aggressively removing threats from the internet. With an industry leading take-down time average of only 3.6 hours, DMS is the most effective, proactive threat detection and removal service available today.

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device_int Real-Time Monitoring and Deactivation

Backed by a 24X7, 365 day support staff of Security Operations Agents, DMS monitors the use of your brand images, logos, keywords, and web site for malicious activities. DMS also monitors new domain registrations, to ensure unauthorized use of your brand is not misleading or redirecting your clients to illegitimate websites.
Collaborative Comply with FFIEC Social Media Guidance

DMS can help you satisfy the recent Social Media FFIEC Guidance by providing dedicated monitoring for all activities related to your legitimate social media accounts. DMS will identify false or malicious activity, redirects, and obfuscated URLs your customers might click to be redirected to black-holes, Phishing scams, or click-stream frauds.
Device aut Compromised Card Services

DMS monitors black markets for credential harvesters and debit or credit cards sales, recovering these lists in order for you to proactively protect customer accounts and money before unauthorized access or use occurs.

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pdf Datasheet pdf White paper - Phishing Detection and Elimination
pdf White paper - Preventing Account Takeovers pdf White paper - Brand Intelligence from DMS-English
Spanish Version
pdf White paper - Mobile Banking Fraud Prevention Strategy-English
Spanish Version
Video DMS and the Active Monitoring Script - Spanish Version
Video DMS and the Active Monitoring Script - English Version Portal DMS Customer Portal

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  • Deactivation of up to 3 phishing sites
  • Access to DMS Customer Portal to report new cases and to visualize in real-time the connections and alerts history of your protected site.

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