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Detect Monitoring Service®

Detect 50% more phishing and fraud attacks, and remove them in 1/3 the time.

Fraud Intelligence
Fraud Intelligence

Brand protection through fraud threat intelligence for proactive attack detection and takedown. Anti-phishing, pharming and malware protection in one service. Protect your customers from account takeover and reduce losses from debit and credit card fraud after retail breaches.                                    

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Phishing attacks detected in last 12 months


Average attack takedown time


Unique browser attacks detected in last 12 months


Proactive attack detection

Increase Visibility


Real-time portal-based visibility into the full spectrum of web and mobile threats including phishing, pharming, malware, domains, social media and mobile app monitoring.

Reduce Attacks


Automate threat detection and attack deactivation with DMS. Reduce the number of attacks over time and control fraud losses by changing attacker incentives.



Comprehensive Portal and Personalized Reports

The Detect Monitoring Service Customer Portal provides a real -time view into your customer threat environment along with a RESTful API for easy integration into 3rd party SIEM and case management systems. Check out the video to the right to see how reports can be customized according to parameters that you set.

Limit Debit and Credit Card Fraud

We help customers monitor black markets for compromised card data, so that they have a head start protecting customers after retail breaches.

Non-Stop Protection

Detect Monitoring Service is a fully Managed Service, backed by our 24/7/365 Security Operations Center. Our job is to detect, stop and eliminate threats before they lead to customer compromise.

DMARC Reporting Integration

The DMARC email authentication and reporting standard provides organizations with an unparalleled view of the health of their outbound email channel. Detect Monitoring Service directly integrates DMARC reporting data to quantify email abuse, facilitate attack deactivation, and to protect users.