Detect Monitoring Service

Fraud Attack Mitigation Service and Brand Intelligence. A complete cloud-based anti-fraud monitoring solution.

Fraud Intelligence

Our agents find and shut down phishing and brand-specific threats, removing them from the internet, preventing them from harvesting credentials and compromising your customers, and helping to identify potential fraud events before they happen.


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Phishing attacks detected in last 12 months


Average attack takedown time


Unique browser attacks detected in last 12 months


Proactive attack detection

Proactively protect your brand and customers


You must be able to stop attacks before they affect your business by placing a filter between your customers and your brand. You can do this by protecting your brand through intelligence gathering. Our agents have years of experience and training in turning information found on the Internet into actionable and effective fraud intelligence.

Reduce burden and cost of fraud


Industry-leading takedown times, strong relationships with the industry and the ability to feed deep-web style data into proactive analytics are vital for a successful, complete anti-fraud program. The Easy Solutions Security Operations Center powering DMS gives you just that.



Easy Solutions' specialized agents leverage years of experience and expertise dealing with large data sets and modern technological anti-phishing solutions, as well as monitoring for pharming and social media sites, application stores, black-market forums, and domain registrations for fake brand usage and stolen credentials.

When our agents find unsafe connections to your website, infringements or brand-specific threats, we shut them down and completely remove them from the internet, often before an attack can even be launched.