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Detect Safe Browsing®

Proactive malware detection and protection on your customer’s device.

Safe Browsing
Safe Browsing for Any Environment

Stop fraud at the source by protecting the end-user device with our flexible anti-malware solutions. Protect customers against identity theft and account takeover from advanced malware, such as man-in-the-middle and man-in-the-browser attacks.

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Enhance Account Takeover Protection


Deploy safe browsing solutions to stop fraud at the source - the end-user device. Use DSB to augment existing controls.

Collaborative Protection


Safe Browsing technology from Easy Solutions works collaboratively with our threat intelligence solutions. Every safe browser deployed acts as a sensor to help protect the entire end-user population.



Safe Browsing and Fraud Intel


Safe Browsing Solutions from Easy Solutions are designed to integrate with Detect Monitoring Service. This integration provides significant benefits over niche alternatives:


» Consolidation of external threat reporting

» “Collaborative Protection”

» Integrated threat removal, or “take down”


Online and Mobile Ready


The right safe browsing solution can adapt to changes in end-user behavior and personal preferences. Easy Solutions offers safe browsing solutions in both software and hardware form factors to suit any client or environment.


Secure Access from Anywhere



Prevent identity theft and electronic fraud while maintaining the same user experience for your websites. By delivering physical USB devices, you can ensure that your customers feel secure when accessing their accounts, regardless of the device, location or network used to do it.


Big Benefit, Low Friction



Account takeover remains a major and growing problem. Attack the problem at its source without creating additional and hidden costs elsewhere. Deploy DSB to fight fraud while maintaining low customer friction.


Transparent Malware Detection for All Users



Detect Safe Browsing Clientless integrates malware detection into your critical websites, covering 100% of your customers with no client download required. Using patent-pending technology, Detect Safe Browsing Clientless takes an instant Malware Snapshot that provides solid evidence of the malware in action.  


Unify Fraud Management on a Single Screen

The Easy Solutions Customer Portal provides access to real-time data about fraud intelligence, attack detection and safe browsing within a single, integrated view. This lets you quickly assess your overall fraud protection posture and coordinate risk-based responses to phishing campaigns, malware outbreaks or other brand or customer targeted attacks.