DetectID provides simple and trusted multi-factor authentication that can be used across different transactional channels.

Strong Authentication Made Simple

DetectID provides an adaptable authentication platform that supports all transactional channels and also integrates with existing legacy authentication systems, slashing installation and deployment times and unifying multi-channel applications.                                    

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Authentication Made Simple


DetectID was designed to replace complicated and bulky legacy systems. This means faster integration and time-to-value.

Stop Challenging Good Customers


Stop relying on ambiguous “risk-based” variables which generate false positives. Clearly identify risk and suspicious behavior and control event volume.




Push Authentication


Avoid costly SMS contracts, transaction fees and customer friction. Unlike SMS, Push authentication is a secure way to authorize account activity, perform out-of-band two-factor authentication with increased resistance to redirects and spoofing.


Improve Confidence in the Mobile Channel



Integrate strong mobile authentication with existing channels. Use our SDK-based solutions to assess risk and authenticate mobile users while collecting real-time analytics.


Transition from Legacy Authentication Factors


Leverage the DetectID Authentication Gateway to support legacy authentication technology while seamlessly transitioning to next generation authentication.