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Flexible authentication framework that meets multi-factor authentication requirements.

Strong Authentication Made Simple
Strong Authentication Made Simple

DetectID integrates with legacy two-factor authentication solutions to maximize previous investments and unify authentication behind a single pane of glass. Risk-based authentication for transactions that fall outside of a customer’s normal behavior.                                    

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Authentication Made Simple


DetectID was designed to replace complicated and bulky legacy systems. This means faster integration and time-to-value.

Stop Challenging Good Customers


Stop relying on ambiguous “risk-based” variables which generate false positives. Clearly identify risk and suspicious behavior and control event volume.




Push Authentication

Easy, Single-Tap Authentication


Our latest technology allows your customers to use push notifications for easy, single-tap authentication. This delivers a secure and encrypted communication channel that is resilient against attacks, including those that seek to bypass one-time passwords. 

Improve Confidence in the Mobile Channel

Adaptive Authentication


Combine real-time analyses of user behavior, location and device parameters so that two-factor authentication is only required when absolutely needed. Gain full visibility and assess risk on all devices and customers interacting with your application.

Transition from Legacy Authentication Factors

Easily Integrates into Your Security Strategy


Complement your current security solutions and deploy quickly, layering simple and strong authentication on top of your existing infrastructure. Installs directly into your environment, merging with your LDAP/AD directories, authentication, web servers and VPNs.

Improve Confidence in the Mobile Channel

Future-Ready Mobile SDK


Embed Easy Solutions authentication right into your mobile app with our SDK to start protecting more customers for less and build value. The SDK’s native and user-friendly architecture hides all the complexity of the cryptographic operations.