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DetectID® Cloud

Integrate flexible strong authentication into almost any web app in minutes.

Cloud-based Strong Authentication for Web Apps

DetectID Cloud enables two-factor authentication for employee access to web and cloud applications. Two-factor authentication is the quickest and most effective solution to protect your organization against phishing attacks, account takeover and data theft.

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Reduce Risk for Critical Apps


The most common risk to any web app is end-user password reuse. Eliminate this threat with strong authentication.

Regulatory Compliance


Strong authentication is a fundamental tenet for many regulatory regimes. Implement strong authentication to meet current and future compliance requirements.



Push Authentication

Push Authentication turns any customer device into a simple and trusted authentication factor, creating a 2-way interactive communication channel that can be integrated into business processes like::

> Login Authentication
> High Risk Transactions Verification
> Fraud Alerts


Fast Deployment


Works with Google Apps, Salesforce, SugarCRM and pretty much anything else via SAML. Cloud-based, DetectID Cloud doesn’t require any additional hardware or software and installs in minutes.

> See the video tutorial for Google Apps

> See the video tutorial for SugarCRM