Malware is the key factor enabling of all of the most devastating and costly cyberattacks, and must be stopped in real time to prevent losses. Detect Safe Browsing Clientless instantly identifies malicious injections and other advanced threats, giving a swift assessment of the type and risk level of the malware attacking your organization. Your end users don’t have to download anything. Detect Safe Browsing Clientless protection is seamlessly integrated into your critical websites, transparently safeguarding all of your customers and bolstering confidence in your online transactional platforms.

Detect Safe Browsing Clientless uses patent-pending technology to take an instant screenshot of any malware-injected page, enhancing attack detection accuracy and assisting with forensic investigations. This immediate, actionable and tangible evidence lets you see exactly what has been compromised.

The Benefits of Detect Safe Browsing Clientless Protection:
˃ Accurately detects the most dangerous forms of malware and web injections
˃ Covers 100% of your customers, with no end-user application download necessary
˃ Proactively detects attacks in real time before they can be cashed out
˃ Detailed information about the types and risk level of malware targeting your users
˃ Full reporting about all connections and potential security incidents
˃ Streamlined, out-of-the-box deployment quickly starts detecting attacks and protecting your users
˃ Feeds data into Easy Solutions’ Total Fraud Protection platform to fully disable threats
Detect Safe Browsing Clientless Features
Proactive Protection against Malware
Zero-day threats exploiting vulnerabilities in browsers and web applications are often not identified until after a cybercriminal has already used them. Detect Safe Browsing Clientless proactively detects malicious injections and other sophisticated threats in real time, before any money is stolen from your customers.
Lightweight Deployment for Any Environment
The streamlined Detect Safe Browsing Clientless cloud-based implementation quickly gets your anti-malware defenses up and running, with no interruption to your transactional platform. Protection is compatible with any device or operating system and is provided transparently, with no impact to your site’s speed and nothing for your end users to download.
Intuitive Dashboard and Full Reporting
The Detect Safe Browsing Clientless dashboard provides information about all connections to your website and any risks that are detected on it. Complete forensic incident reports thoroughly compile information about all possible security incidents, including date, session ID, session username, URL, type of malware used, IP, browser and risk level.
Integration with Malware Detection on End-User Devices
Motivating end users to download a malware detection client can be difficult. Detect Safe Browsing Clientless gives you crucial visibility across your entire customer population to identify malware on devices that are otherwise unprotected. Users with infected devices can then be prompted to download the Detect Safe Browsing client, so that the malware doesn’t keep interfering with their legitimate transactions.
Part of a Comprehensive Fraud Protection Plan
Detect Safe Browsing Clientless malicious website injection identification is a part of the Easy Solutions Total Fraud Protection platform, and as such can be combined with our brand monitoring, malicious site takedown and real-time malware detection on end-user devices to provide a holistic strategy for any kind of fraud attack. This plan lowers overhead, eliminates data silos, unifies your anti-fraud strategy and stops threats no matter how malware evolves. -
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