DetectID Cloud secures web applications, online portals and other systems in an efficient and cost-effective manner — without the overhead expenses commonly associated with the implementation and maintenance of on-premise multi-factor authentication solutions. Easy Solutions’ next-generation authentication technology enables DetectID Cloud to safeguard customer access from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Authentication Made Simple
DetectID Cloud was designed to replace complicated and bulky legacy authentication systems. Our innovative technology allows your end users to authenticate with a single tap.

Adaptive Authentication
Combine real-time analytics of user behavior, location and device parameters so that two-factor authentication is only required when absolutely necessary. Gain full visibility and assess risk on all devices and end users interacting with your application.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Slash the expense of maintaining a future-forward multi-factor authentication system. Costs such as the management and upkeep of the hardware and software infrastructure required for typical on-premise authentication deployments are greatly reduced using DetectID Cloud.
Highly Available, Accessible & Scalable
DetectID Cloud supports large customer bases with no downtime, and the solution’s robust infrastructure is backed with a strong service-level agreement that can be configured for as many high-availability, high-performance architectures as are required. Each organization has its own private realm for managing their domains, users and soft tokens.
Easily Integrates into Your Security Strategy
Complement your current security solutions, decrease change management overhead and deploy quickly, layering simple and strong authentication on top of your existing infrastructure.
˃ Convenient authentication framework for your growing mobile user base
˃ No downtime or change management overhead
˃ No new hardware or software to deploy
˃ Reduces deployment, support and maintenance costs
˃ High availability to support large customer bases
˃ Extensive APIs to increase self-service autmation -
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