Malware is everywhere, and has already been downloaded onto the vast majority of end-user devices. Any successful strategy to mitigate malware’s damage needs to accept this reality as a given and effectively secure transactions anyway. Detect Safe Browsing from Easy Solutions prevents the malicious activity that leads to account takeovers and other sophisticated criminal attacks, allowing even infected devices to safely perform transactions online.

A client-side application that directly detects malware on a device as soon as it’s installed. Provides on-device attack analytics and intelligence, delivering visibility into the end-user browsing environment and blocking threats in real time.

A hardened personal web browser delivered to end users in the form of a small, lightweight and portable USB device. Perfect for those who need to use many different computers or access the Internet from multiple public networks

A transparent solution that detects malware injections on transactional pages with no end-user action required. Uses patent-pending technology to take an instant Malware Snapshot, which captures a screenshot with concrete proof of the malware in action while an attack is taking place.

Mobile SDKs
Detect Safe Browsing’s mobile Software Development Kit is a library that can be integrated into any custom mobile banking application for iOS or Android to provide best-in-class malware detection capabilities with zero end-user friction.

The Benefits of Detect Safe Browsing:
˃ Malware protection for 100% of end users, tailored to their individual needs
˃ Permits secure transactions on any device, even those infected with malware
˃ Malware Snapshot™ to enhance attack detection accuracy & aid forensic investigations in real time
˃ Collaborative protection that uses malware intelligence to take down sites spreading attacks
˃ Leverages on-device threat analytics to disable malware in real time
˃ Intuitive portal with detailed data about the types and risk level of malware targeting your users
˃ Feeds information into Easy Solutions’ Total Fraud Protection platform to fully disable threats


Detect Safe Browsing Features
Quantify Risk in Real Time with a Malware Snapshot™
Using Detect Safe Browsing’s Malware Snapshot feature, you can capture a screenshot with proof of the malware in action when an attack is taking place. This provides you with the actionable evidence that you need to immediately and decisively respond to risk across your entire customer population.
Collaborative Protection and Threat Intelligence
Detect Safe Browsing’s malware detection combined with Detect Monitoring Service, Easy Solutions’ fraud threat intelligence layer, makes both solutions more effective at reducing attacks before they lead to losses. Information collected from customer devices running Detect Safe Browsing can then be used to shut down sites spreading malware using Detect Monitoring Service.
Stop Fraud at its Source Directly on End-User Devices
Strengthen the weakest link in the security chain – the end-user browsing environment – by ensuring that your customers only access legitimate websites. Even if your customers download Trojans, viruses, keyloggers or other malware, Detect Safe Browsing will identify them and block the malicious or unauthorized activity they cause.
Powerful Management Interface and Historical Reports
The cloud-based Detect Safe Browsing portal and dashboard provides data about all malware risks detected on customer devices and your website. Complete incident reports thoroughly compile information about security events and the end-user browsing environment, giving you an instant picture of the threats targeting your users.
Improve Confidence in the Mobile Channel
Detect Safe Browsing’s mobile features include anti-phishing site blacklisting, malicious application detection and an anti-pharming module to detect hosts file infection for Android, as well as a jailbreak protector for iOS, in both standalone and SDK options. The Detect Safe Browsing Mobile SDK seamlessly integrates secure navigation and protection into any mobile app. -
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