Detect Safe Browsing to Go (DSB2Go) from Easy Solutions is a locked-down personal web browser that extends fraud prevention to the end user, creating a secure connection to transactional websites and protecting against malware and sophisticated threats such as pharming, man-in-the-middle (MITM) and man-in-the browser (MITB) attacks, where antivirus and spyware removal software are not effective. Delivered to end users in the form of a small, lightweight and portable USB device, DSB2Go is designed to prevent identity theft and electronic fraud while letting users continue to make transactions the same way they always have.

˃ No software download or installation –just connect and start safely browsing
˃ Portable USB device can be used anywhere – ideal for business travelers
˃ Securely connect to your bank and critical apps, regardless of whether a machine is infected
˃ No changes in end-user browsing behavior required
˃ Helps with FFIEC compliance


Secure Connections Even on Malware-Infected
The DSB2Go browser creates a protected channel between the computer and Easy Solutions’ servers, with the option of running the browser in an isolated environment for even more security. Since the critical aspects of the connection are happening at the server level and not on the machine itself, transactions are not vulnerable to any malware or keyloggers that the machine contains.

End-to-End Fraud Management
DSB extends fraud prevention and protection to the end-user environment, mitigating unsafe user behavior such as relying on ineffective antivirus or firewalls to stay protected and clicking on unsafe links or attachments.

Visibility into End-User Behavior
It can be difficult to tell if end-user behavior could have prevented a fraud attack when one occurs. With DSB2Go, financial institutions can see when users connect to protected websites through the device and gain insight into how they are doing their part to keep transactions secure.

User-Friendly for Online Banking Customers
DSB2Go’s browser interface is exactly like the most popular browsers that end users surf the web with, and all protected sites can be accessed from the browser’s home page with a single click of the mouse.

No Software Download or Installation
DSB2Go is housed on a small and portable USB drive that automatically opens the safe browsing tool once it is connected to a computer, with no system reboots or other additional end-user actions required.

Simple Administration for Financial Institutions
Through the online management portal, financial institutions can directly supervise the parameters of the devices that end users employ to access their protected websites, sorting users into different groups with separate rules for easy organization and reference.

Combine with DetectID for Multi-Factor Authentication
When combined with Easy Solutions’ DetectID multi-factor authentication solution, the DSB2Go USB drive is converted into a second factor of authentication, verifying the user and stopping account takeover.

Browse without a Trace On Any Computer
DSB2Go can create a protected browsing environment on any computer with a USB port. Using the concept of a unique session, DSB2Go does not save any previous browsing history or information, keeping banking data safe even when a device is lost or stolen.

Ideal for the Active Business Traveller
Since DSB2Go’s locked down personal web browser provides secure access to banking channels regardless of a machine or network’s security, the device is perfect for those who need to use many different computers or access the internet from multiple public networks.

Helps with FFIEC compliance
The FFIEC requires the use of solutions that protect customer information and prevent identity theft. DSB2Go only allows connections with transactional websites specifically chosen by a financial institution and blocks all others, vastly reducing customer vulnerability to fraud.

DSB2Go is a portable and user-friendly secure browsing solution for online banking and payment services -
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