As customers increasingly migrate to mobile devices as their preferred banking channel, cybercriminals are seeking new ways to target mobile platforms and users. The Detect Safe Browsing (DSB) application from Easy Solutions is a cutting-edge mobile and desktop security solution that protects your Android or Apple device against phishing and other online threats. With the DSB application, available in the Google Play, iTunes, and Mac app stores, you can ensure secure navigation to mobile and online banking and transactional websites, scan your device and mobile apps to look for threats, and view detailed incident reports on everything DSB finds. Using the protection that DSB provides, you can take full advantage of the convenience that mobile platforms offer without sacrificing security.

˃ Extends fraud protection to end-user smartphones, tablets and desktops
˃ Enhanced phishing and pharming protection based on real-time detection of malicious websites and apps
˃ Mobile app available for Android and iOS, Mac app available for OSX
˃ Detailed incident reports and easy customer reporting of suspicious URLs
˃ Collaborative fraud protection provides early fraud detection and deactivation
˃ Customizable selection of Protected Sites for businesses and their end users
˃ Provides visibility into end-user mobile devices and the threats facing them.


DSB Application Features

Secure Mobile Access to Transactional Websites
As more customers migrate to mobile platforms, it is imperative to keep customer information and accounts safe. The DSB mobile app provides a protected channel for accessing any sensitive website of the financial institution’s and end user’s choosing.

Detailed Incident Reports
Once DSB has analyzed the mobile device system, it will record all events in a report calendar with detailed information about all security incidents, which financial institutions can consult in the user-friendly DMS portal.

Crowdsourced Malicious Website Reporting
The DSB application gives users the option of reporting any suspicious or unreliable URLs they encounter while browsing the web, allowing new phishing and pharming attacks to be detected more rapidly.

Collaborative Fraud Protection
Even if the DSB application is deployed on just a fraction of your end users’ mobile devices, the principle of collaborative fraud protection ensures that “fraud intelligence” is shared among your entire customer population, enabling the early detection and deactivation of malicious sites and attacks.

Certified App Available
The certified DSB application is available for iOS, Android and Mac platforms, and is accessible as a free download in the Google Play, iTunes, and Mac app stores.

Mitigate Mobile Account Takeover Risk
Statistics show that users are more likely to click on malicious attachments on a mobile device than a desktop computer, and that the vast majority of mobile devices don’t have any pre-installed security software. The DSB mobile application gives financial instituions the tools they need to provide a more secure mobile experience for users while reducing the threat of account takeovers, even if a device is infected with malware.

Real-Time Threat Detection and Visibility
Through the use of a sleek and innovative API, the DSB application gives financial institutions increased visibility into the end-user mobile threat environment, including customer usage statistics, endpoint characteristics, and much more.

Protection Against Malicious Apps and Jailbreak
DSB’s Android app contains a module that can detect fake or unauthorized applications that are really disguised malware, notifying both users and financial institutions whenever they are installed or used. The iOS app for Apple devices contains a jailbreak advisor that mitigates the vulnerabilities caused by jailbroken devices. -
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