Transactional Point of Compromise Analysis
Email is critical for communicating with your clients, but the 100 billion pieces of spam that get sent every day make maintaining trust over the channel a challenge. Reduce domain spoofing by making phishing and other impersonation attacks more expensive and less profitable for cybercriminals to carry out. Easy Solutions’ comprehensive anti-spoofing approach includes email authentication to prevent forged messages from ever reaching customer inboxes, attack takedown for malicious sister domains and comprehensive brand monitoring to stop phishing on other channels like social media and mobile app marketplaces.
˃ Reduce spoofing threats by making your organization more costly and difficult to attack
˃ See analytics on all sent email associated with your domains
˃ Web-based gap analysis to quickly migrate to global blocking of fraudulent email
˃ Find and remove sister domains that launch phishing attacks
˃ Reduce attack takedown times by proactively identifying new threats
˃ Prevent spoofing as it moves to other channels like social media and mobile apps

Email and Domain Spoofing Features
Analyze Past Transactions to Prevent Future Fraud
The Fastest Path to DMARC Adoption and Brand Attack Reduction
DMARC (Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) is a technical specification that has been developed by leading email providers to deliver an Internet-scale, federated policy, authentication, and enforcement framework for dependable email delivery. DMARC Compass from Easy Solutions gives your organization the tools to fully leverage this emerging standard to quickly migrate to global blocking of fraudulent email spoofing your domains and accounts.
Suspicious Activity Analyzers that Identify Criminal Activity
Restore Trust in Email and Communicate Securely with Your Customers
Fraudulent email and orchestrated attacks have eroded confidence in email as a communications medium to such an extent that it is nearly impossible for major financial institutions, retailers and marketers to authentically communicate with their customers. Get complete visibility into email streams with real-time phishing attack monitoring, reporting and takedown that stops both spoofing as well as other phishing attacks from sister domains beyond the DMARC standard’s reach so that this crucial method of maintaining contact with your customers remains effective.
Detailed Reporting and Recommendations
Improve Attack Visibility, Lower Takedown Times & Reduce Attack Volume
DMARC Compass integrates with Detect Monitoring Service, our fraud and brand intelligence solution, so that DMARC reporting data can be used to identify threat actors, take down attacks at their source and protect your organization and customers from fraud. This comprehensive strategy makes it so difficult for cybercriminals to launch new phishing campaigns that attack volume plummets to almost zero and fraudsters move on to other targets in search of easier prey.
Enhance Legacy Anomaly Detection Systems
Real-Time Analytics and Reporting to Quickly Close Security Gaps
The intuitive Easy Solutions Customer Portal lets you follow up on the results of SPF and DKIM validation tests as they are happening and provides an array of dynamic charts and graphs that give you an instant snapshot of your current DMARC compliance. With the data-driven DMARC Compass readiness workflow, you can accurately measure the gaps that your organization must still fill to get to full DMARC deployment, identify any configuration errors, see which domains sending emails have the most authentication problems and stop any unauthorized 3rd-party vendors that might be sending emails on your behalf.
Upgrade to Real-Time Transaction Anomaly Detection Available
Move to Total Rejection of Spoofed Email at Your Own Pace
Deploy a DMARC “Monitor” policy when trying the standard out that only provides reporting, allowing data to be collected about participating receivers without interrupting your mail flow. As the data shows that legitimate traffic is passing authentication checks, organizations can change their policy to request that failing messages be quarantined. Then, as organizations grow confident that no legitimate messages are being incorrectly quarantined, they can then migrate to a DMARC “Reject” policy that prevents all unauthenticated email from being received by your customers once you reach full DMARC readiness.
Enhance Legacy Anomaly Detection Systems
Stay Protected as Phishing Goes Beyond Email to Other Attack Vectors
Online browsing has moved to the mobile channel, and fraudsters are close behind. Detect Monitoring Service monitors mentions of your brand on thousands of social media platforms, blogs and mobile app stores, stopping the false and malicious activity that aims to trick your customers into clicking on fraudulent websites or download malicious apps and malware. -
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