When one in every ten Android apps is a piece of malware in disguise, it’s clear that phishing has moved beyond email to the mobile platforms where potential victims increasingly spend their time. Preserve the brand reputation your organization has worked so hard to build. Easy Solutions’ rogue application identification and removal, part of our Detect Monitoring Service fraud intelligence solution, finds and takes down unsanctioned applications leveraging your trademarks before any of your loyal customers can be attacked.

˃ Find and take down mobile apps leveraging your brands
˃ Monitors every major mobile application store as well as a wide range of third-party marketplaces
˃ Decrease mobile fraud by directly attacking cybercriminal financial incentives
˃ Reduce the risks caused by sideloading, jailbroken devices and other unsanctioned mobile practices
˃ Frictionless protection that is transparent to the end user
˃ Comprehensive portal and detailed reporting
˃ Part of an all-inclusive brand protection platform

Detect Monitoring Service® - Rogue App Detection & Removal Features
Stop Brand Abuse on Mobile App Marketplaces
Trademark impersonation on mobile application platforms damages your brand’s reputation, drives traffic away from legitimate apps, and angers your company’s most loyal customers. Detect Monitoring Service combs through all major and third-party app stores to find applications disguised as malware and has them removed before your loyal users can be victimized.
Reduce Cybercriminal Profitability in the Mobile Channel
Mobile malware developers’ primary motivation for carrying out attacks is financial in nature. Detect Monitoring Service disrupts cybercriminal financial incentives by greatly reducing the duration of time that malicious apps are live, lowering the number of victims that can be tricked into downloading rogue apps and making your brands a more difficult attack target – all of which decreases attack profitability and makes future attacks against your organization less likely.
Mitigate the Risk of Unsafe End-User Mobile Practices
There are hundreds of third-party application marketplaces where unofficial apps are sold, many of which have not been closely scrutinized for fraudulent intent before they get sideloaded onto jailbroken mobile devices. Detect Monitoring Service mitigates the effect of users voluntarily reducing security settings by finding and removing any applications that are really disguised malware seeking to take advantage of devices in this vulnerable state.
Non-Stop Protection and Deep Anti-Fraud Expertise
Detect Monitoring Service is a fully-managed service backed by our 24/7/365 Security Operations Center, and our experienced team of Detect Monitoring Service agents boasts years of understanding and training using sophisticated anti-fraud tools. When the presence of a potential rogue application on any major or third-party app store is detected by our agents, they make sure that it is illegitimate and then take steps to remove the app at once.
Rapid ROI, Intuitive Portal and Detailed Reports
Detect Monitoring Service doesn’t require any additional hardware or infrastructure, and quickly starts transparently protecting your full consumer population. All incidents related to potential malicious applications leveraging your brands are compiled in the Easy Solutions Customer Portal as they are detected in real time. This information can also be compiled into thorough reports customized according to parameters that your organization chooses to set.
Part of a Comprehensive Brand Protection Platform
You’ve spent a lot of time and resources to build a reputation for reliability, all of which can be undone by a data breach or brand abuse. Detect Monitoring Service keeps track of brand mentions on thousands of social media sites, blogs, app stores and domain registrations, turning data found on the Internet into actionable evidence of imminent fraud that can be used to stop attacks.
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