Transactional Point of Compromise Analysis
Human beings are inherently risky. We don’t always employ best security practices when using our devices, and even the strongest anti-fraud solutions can be circumvented by determined cybercriminals exploiting our vulnerabilities. The products and services that make up the Easy Solutions Total Fraud Protection platform mitigate the threat of unsafe end-user behavior with a multi-layered strategy to detect and prevent attacks throughout their lifecycle and on any device or channel. In this way, your organization always has several backup plans in case any one layer is sidestepped, and end users remain secure even when putting themselves at risk.
˃ Multi-layered anti-fraud protection that makes your organization more costly and difficult for cybercriminals to successfully attack
˃ Strong multi-factor authentication to assess risk on all devices and customers interacting with your application
˃ Automate brand impersonation attack detection and deactivation to limit losses and reduce fraud investigation overhead
˃ Qualify the risk of any given transaction in real time based on deviations from self-learning user activity profiles
˃ Protect customers from the advanced malware that enables account takeover, man-in-the-middle and man-in-the-browser attacks
˃ Leverage the DMARC standard to prevent phishing emails from ever reaching customer and employee inboxes

Targeted Attack Detection Features
Analyze Past Transactions to Prevent Future Fraud
Integrate Multiple Technology Pillars to Defend Against Fraud
At Easy Solutions we’re filling the vacuum created by piecemeal legacy anti-fraud strategies with our Total Fraud Protection platform. This innovative approach provides multi-layered security against electronic fraud across every phase of the attack cycle, stopping customer-targeted threats from their planning stages all the way to blocking the unauthorized removal of money from bank accounts when cybercriminals attempt to cash out.
Suspicious Activity Analyzers that Identify Criminal Activity
Proactive Endpoint Protection and Threat Deactivation
To stop fraud at its source, financial institutions need better tools to gain visibility into the end-user browsing environments they have little control over. Ensure that customers only access legitimate websites and disable any malware found on end-user user devices with Detect Safe Browsing, Easy Solutions’ secure navigation system. With the Detect Safe Browsing application installed on customer devices, or embedded within your organization’s own application through a Software Development Kit (SDK), even infected devices can safely perform online transactions.
Detailed Reporting and Recommendations
Prevent Customers from Being Misled by Brand Abuse
Detect Monitoring Service, Easy Solutions’ brand and fraud intelligence, safeguards customers by scrutinizing potentially malicious sister domains and mentions of your organization’s brand on thousands of social media networks, user content-oriented websites and mobile application marketplaces. Phishing sites impersonating your company’s transactional portals are shut down by Detect Monitoring Service in an average time of 3.6 hours per attack, 7 times faster than the security industry standard.
Enhance Legacy Anomaly Detection Systems
Real-Time Decisioning for Suspicious and Irregular Transactions
Measure the risk of every user transaction on any channel with DetectTA, Easy Solutions’ anomaly detection and monitoring system. DetectTA creates a baseline profile for a user, documenting their normal habits and IP geolocation data when making transactions. Any activity that deviates too far from a user’s normal habits is deemed risky, and can be combined with a financial institution’s user verification process or Easy Solutions’ DetectID multi-factor authentication system to trigger additional validation schemes such as device authentication to prevent unauthorized access.
Upgrade to Real-Time Transaction Anomaly Detection Available
Future-Forward Adaptive Authentication & Instant Risk Response
Don’t get buried in a massive pile of vague event alerts that create more fraud response problems than they solve. DetectID can use real-time analytics of user behavior, location, device, threat detection and transactional risk data to launch two-factor authentication only when absolutely necessary. This greatly reduces the amount of incidents to investigate and lets your institution focus on stopping the transactions that are most likely to be fraudulent.
Enhance Legacy Anomaly Detection Systems
Restore Customer Trust in Email by Eliminating Spoofed Messages
Proactively safeguard customer accounts, rapidly identify stolen cards and protect your institution from the financial losses that often accompany major data breaches. Detect Monitoring Service keeps an eye on the black markets where stolen cards and harvested credentials are sold, giving institutions real-time data about which particular cards have been cloned so that they can be canceled before any fraud takes place. -
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