Look Forward Analysis
Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, and this particularly true when it comes to fraud. Easy Solutions’ Look Forward Analysis provides a thorough cross-channel examination of your institution’s current anti-fraud approaches and measures the risk of all historical activity carried out on every point of transaction. By identifying where and how fraud happened in the past Look Forward Analysis gives your institution the tools to remediate any security gaps and provides an extensive series of strategies for stopping fraud in its tracks in the future.

Look Forward Analysis
˃ Analyzes historical financial activity & point of transaction data to forecast future fraud incidents
˃ Risk qualification engine scrutinizes customer & point of transaction behavior according to activity profiles
˃ Quantify the effectiveness of your current fraud controls against the latest threats
˃ Passive deployment – no hardware or software to deploy
˃ Easily upgrade to complete real-time transaction monitoring
˃ Omni-channel fraud evaluation covers online banking, mobile, IVRs, ATMs and branch offices

Look Forward Analysis Features
Support for Legacy Detection Systems
Evaluate Risk for All Financial Activity on Every Point of Transaction
Assess the possibility of fraud taking place across all channels, banking activity and points of transaction so that you can take steps to prevent it in the future. Look Forward Analysis creates a profile of typical user and point of transaction behavior and can pinpoint where and when fraud happened based on close observation of deviations from expected conduct. This data can then be used to prevent similarly fraudulent transactions from being authorized in the future.
Suspicious Activity Analyzers that Identify Criminal Behavior
Suspicious Activity Analyzers that Recognize Criminal Transactional Patterns
Banking and other regulations around the world require institutions to uncover financial crimes happening on their premises, and face liability, fines and other legal penalties if they don’t. Look Forward Analysis can identify transactional patterns similar to common behavior observed when money is about to be fraudulently removed from an account, and for crimes such as money laundering, express kidnapping, card cloning and more.
Thorough Reporting, Statistics and Recommendations
Boost the Amount of Fraud that Can Be Detected
Look Forward Analysis employs Easy Solutions’ Financial Risk Matrix to provide an accurate picture of your institution’s fraud exposure. Assessment for creating new transactional rules based on notifications generated when Suspicious Activity Analyzers or other fraud patterns get triggered is also provided to help you save money that might otherwise be lost to theft in the future.
Enhance Fraud Detection and Start Saving Money
Enhance Legacy Fraud Detection Systems to Keep Up with New Threats
Legacy fraud detection platforms often struggle to stay ahead of the most recent threats, and cybercriminal strategies are continually evolving to take advantage. However, financial institutions are hesitant to lose the sunk costs they have already spent on previous security systems, even as those solutions flirt with obsolescence. Preserve prior security investments while protecting yourself from the latest attacks with Look Forward Analysis’ reporting, remediation and recommendations.
Easily Upgrade to Real-Time Transaction Anomaly Detection
Easily Upgrade to Real-Time Transaction Anomaly Detection
Easy Solutions’ DetectTA takes the forensic investigative ability of Look Forward Analysis and applies it to transactions as they are happening in real time, qualifying every transaction according to a profile of user behavior that the product learns over time. With the instant visibility that DetectTA provides, institutions can identify risky transactions before any money gets stolen and greatly reduce fraud.
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