It is a thrilling time to be in the web fraud detection business – many companies want to take advantage of the benefits of using online transaction channels, and need assistance to help keep themselves protected; as the world’s only online security vendor focused exclusively on electronic fraud prevention and detection, Easy Solutions is at the cutting edge of this crucial and growing industry.


Easy Solutions is continuously on the lookout for talented and dedicated people to join its diverse team of enthusiastic “Easy Solvers” working in a fast-paced and dynamic environment. The company was only a startup a few years ago, and with its collaborative and innovative atmosphere, it still feels like one; ideas perpetually bounce off the walls and get tinkered with, with the best of the lot quickly becoming tomorrow’s newest product line.


Our lack of convoluted bureaucracy and strict hierarchy lets our team pounce on fresh thinking no matter where it comes from or who dreams it up, a perfect system for staying agile and effective in a threat environment that is constantly in flux. With our top-notch, industry-leading products, tenacious determination to succeed, and sincere eagerness to reward a job well done, working at Easy Solutions is a gratifying experience. Nevertheless, we always leave time for a little fun, and know that a healthy work/life balance is essential for keeping Easy Solvers as sharp and fired up as possible when they come to office.


We offer highly competitive compensation and excellent benefits, and are constantly expanding and on the hunt for anyone with a passion for technology to come join us in our quest for Total Fraud Protection®.



If you think you have something to offer Easy Solutions then we want to hear from you. Send your resume and cover letter to

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