Leadership Team

David Castañeda

VP of Research and Development

As our VP of Research and Development, David has been instrumental in managing, defining and driving Easy Solutions’ core technologies as the company has grown from a startup to a leader in the information security field. He oversees the team that is responsible for producing our cutting-edge proprietary software. Our engineers are an inspired, inventive, and tight-knit bunch, rolling with the punches and making sure that our products and services are completely current and able to swiftly respond to the emerging threats of tomorrow. As a self-taught specialist in network and information security, David has earned his stripes in the field, moving up through the Easy Solutions ranks by inventing software and terminology to solve problems that didn’t even exist yet, and coming up with powerful products addressing information security challenges related to multi-factor authentication, transaction anomaly detection, secure browsing, and the prevention of pharming and phishing attacks.


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