DetectID Certified Engineer Administration and Operation Training

The DetectID Administration and Operator Training covers the concepts and processes, and includes hans-on lab work, to help students successfully conduct the day to day activities related with DetectID and the platform administration.



This is a course designed for security analyst and administrators responsible for the day to day activities related with DetectID within the organization.



You should have working knowledge of

> Windows and/or Linux Operating System.
> Web Server concepts such as Tomcat.


Skills Acquired

After completing this course, you will be able to:

> Administer the Enrollment Process.
> Configure IdentiSite Module.
> Configure Challenge Question Module.
> Block or Allow an Enrolled Device.
> Monitor the Authentication activities of end users.
> Install and configure DetectID Application Server and DetectID Management Console.


Course Outline

> DetectID Architecture.
> Detect Management Console.
> Users and Share Keys.
> Enabling and Consulting Audit.
> Enrolling Devices, Enabling and Blocking Access.
> White List and Black List.
> Configuring and Managing IdentiSite.
> Configuring and Managing Challenge Questions.
> Installation and configuration process.
> Configuring DetectID Application Server.
> Services Monitoring.
> Troubleshoot.
> Planning HA.



2 days.


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