DetectID Certified Engineer Integration Training

The DetectID Integration Training provides concepts, processes, and hands-on lab work to help students successfully integrate DetectID to provide strong authentication to third party applications.



This is an advanced course tailored for application developers and integrators, that are responsible for implementing and integrating DetectID to provide strong authentication services to other applications.



> Completed the DetectID Introduction Course.
> A Basic understanding of Web services.
> Knowledge of Windows Operating System.
> Basic programming skills.


Skills Acquired

After completing this course, you will be able to:

> Explain DetectID modules integration in a business model.
> Explain DetectID modules exposed services integration.
> Describe how to integrate DetectID using Web Services APIs.
> Integrate DetectID Authentication Services with third party application using Web Services APIs.
> Integrate DetectID Client Component in front-end applications.
> Integrate DetectID Administration Services with broader management console systems and/or proprietary administration portals.


Course Outline

> DetectID services integration.
> DetectID Architecture.
> DetectID Integration Concepts and Checklists.
> DetectID Web Services API.
> Secured Application considerations.
> Device Enrollment Module and Black Lists.
> Challenge Question Module.
> IdentiSite Module.
> DetectID Administrative Web Service API.
> DetectID in a multichannel environment.
> DetectID conformance testing procedures.



3 days

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