D P S DetectID/TA Massive Rollout Accompanying Service - Detect Certified Training

DetectID/TA Massive Rollout Accompanying Service

DetectID/TA Massive Rollout Accompanying Services provide the extra-hands needed by your organization to effectively manage the additional requirements related to the massive enrollment of DetectID/TA platform. Accompanying Services include support to the end users that frequently ask for the new security services offered by your institution.

Accompanying services from Easy Solutions varies in duration from months to years depending on the business requirements of your institution.

Detect Certified Training

Detect Certified Training helps to set the stage for long term success and efficiency by describing every single aspect of the technology and the business processes affected to make your organization successful from the initial deployment through the support stage.

Detect Certified Training can have an immediate positive impact on your staff and your organization. Properly trained professionals have a broader product understanding that allows them to leverage all that they learn on what is important, avoid common mistakes, and become more effective when resolving problems and or communicating with vendor support.

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