DetectTA Certified Engineer Integration Training

The DetectTA Integration Training covers the concepts, processes, and hands-on lab work to help students successfully integrate DetectTA to integrate fraud detection services with banking transactional platform.



This is an advanced course tailored for application developers who are evaluating, implementing and integrating DetectTA to provide anomaly transaction detection across banking infrastructures.



You should have:

> A Basic understanding of Web Services.
> Knowledge of Windows Operating System.
> Basic java programming skills.


Skills taught

After completing this course, you will be able to:

> Explain how to implement a real time fraud detection architecture based on DetectTA.
> Describe how to integrate DetectTA using Web Services and /or APIs.
> Integrate DetectTA Risk Qualification Services with third party application using Web Services and /or APIs.
> Integrate DetectTA Administration Services with broader management console systems and/or proprietary administration portals. (Not in V 1.0).


Course Outline

> DetectTA Architecture.
> DetectTA Integration Concepts and Checklists for Online Banking.
> DetectTA Integration Concepts and Checklists for Traditional Channels.
> Integrate the Real Time Risk Evaluation.
> Integrate the User defined rules configuration.
> Configure the Institution defined rules configuration (Not in V 1.0).
> DetectTA Startup.



2 days.


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