DetectTA Certified Engineer Introduction to DetectTA

The Introduction to DetectTA covers the concepts, processes, and guided simulations to help students successfully implement and configure the DetectTA platform.



This is a basic course for network and security professionals who are evaluating, implementing, or using DetectTA.



You should have working knowledge of:

> Windows Operating System
> Banking Processes.


Skills taught

After completing this course, you will be able to:

> Explain how to implement a fraud detection architecture based on DetectTA.
> Describe how to configure DetectTA and all its modules.
> Describe how to integrate DetectTA using Web Services and /or APIs to protect online transactions.


Course Outline

> Concepts of DetectTA and fraud detection.
> A View of multichannel fraud detection with DetectTA.
> Basic Integration.
> Basic Operation.



2 days.

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