Leadership Team

Julian Argüelles

VP of Worldwide Operations

As our VP of Worldwide Operations and resident Renaissance man, Julian is responsible for leading Easy Solutions’ varied customer service operations. Once you have purchased any goods or services from us, Julian is the guy who delivers it to your business. He explains how to use our products most effectively and integrate them as smoothly as possible with your in-house software and IT staff, helping our customers to see results from day one. No two customers are alike, and Julian’s hands-on management style makes sure that all of our products work the way our developers imagined them. If you have a question or concern, Julian is working on the solution, and is waiting by the phone to make sure any issues that come up are quickly resolved. He helps customers understand how to read our detailed reports and monitoring platforms, and can show them how to pinpoint where fraud is occurring and rapidly shut it down. Finally, he sits down with our customers on a regular basis to evaluate how the product is working for them, making sure it has met their needs and can continue to do so in the future. Julian has a degree in production engineering from the Universidad Distrital Francisco de Caldas in Bogota, but no school can teach the way Julian impeccably manages to provide top-notch customer service.

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