SAN FRANCISCO – February 29, 2016 – RSA Conference - Easy Solutions, the Total Fraud Protection® company, today announced the addition of biometric authentication to DetectID, its award-winning, multi-channel authentication framework that balances user-friendly convenience with a strong anti-fraud defense system. This state-of-the-art verification enhancement works in concert with DetectID, allowing customers to take advantage of an additional layer of security that assimilates smoothly into their existing system while simultaneously providing the assurance that only legitimate users are able to access sensitive data and perform transactions.

“We are continuously investing in powerful technologies that can help financial institutions and organizations around the world strengthen their protection against electronic fraud,” said Ricardo Villadiego, Founder & CEO. “The verification of user’s identity remains an important component of companies’ protection strategies and as such, we are certain that biometric technologies are next wave of strong, efficient and frictionless authentication.”

As part of a multi-layer fraud protection solution, DetectID’s biometric authentication feature offers a host of advantages:

> Facial, voice or fingerprint recognition capabilities that can be tailored to meet a business’ specific security needs.
> Omni-channel deployment which allows end-users to enroll once and use on different channels and devices without re-enrolling each time.
> Assimilates smoothly into existing systems so enterprises can maintain prior security investments.
> Offered as a server-based solution for CLOUD and on-premise implementations.
> Software Development Kits (SDKs) for IOS and Android for integrated into mobile applications.

“DetectID’s biometric component allows organizations to establish trusted identity online with minimum friction that balances convenience and security. With the addition of this technology to our strong authentication solution, companies will have greater trust of individuals when they create online accounts, granting access to applications, performing mobile payments and much more,” said Damien Hugoo, Director of Product Management.

Learn more about DetectID and biometric authentication.


Easy Solutions is a leading security vendor focused on the comprehensive detection and prevention of electronic fraud across all devices, channels and clouds. Our products range from anti-phishing and secure browsing to multifactor authentication and transaction anomaly detection, offering a one-stop shop for multiple fraud prevention services. The online activities of over 85 million customers 320 leading financial services companies, security firms, retailers, airlines and other entities all over the world are protected by Easy Solutions fraud prevention systems.

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