Total Fraud Protection Company Announces Partnerships with Auraya Systems and FacePhi

Miami, FL – August 30, 2016Easy Solutions, the Total Fraud Protection® company, today announced partnerships with two biometrics vendors, Auraya Systems Pty Ltd, the producers of ArmorVox, the world’s only universal core voice biometric engine, and FacePhi, a global leader in facial recognition technology. Both technologies fully integrate with Easy Solutions’ state-of-the-art authentication framework.

After announcing support for biometrics earlier this year, Easy Solutions is now making the deployment of industry-leading biometric authentication even easier for existing and prospective clients. ArmorVox voice recognition technologies have been deployed in Canada, the United States, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Germany. Similarly, FacePhi has been deployed in the financial sector in 18 different countries across banking and private and public sectors. 

“The biometric component of our multi-layered approach to fraud protection allows organizations to establish trusted identity online with minimum friction, balancing both convenience and security,” said Ricardo Villadiego, CEO of Easy Solutions. “As we predicted earlier this year, biometric technologies are the next wave of strong, efficient authentication solutions. Auraya and FacePhi are proven technologies that have been adopted globally, and we are proud to team with them to offer the best-in-class user authentication solution available in the anti-fraud market today.”

Easy Solutions Authentication Mobile SDK allows organizations to embed in-app biometric authentication capabilities directly into their mobile app, enabling organizations to offer consumers the ability to easily authenticate their identity by taking a selfie or repeating their passphrase. When combined with other layered security, biometric authentication provides consumers a rapid and expedient way to complete secure transactions on a mobile device, creating a balance of strong security and consumer convenience.
"Our proprietary technology allows ArmorVox to optimize performance across all languages and accents, making us a market leader in voice recognition biometrics," said Auraya CEO Dr. Clive Summerfield. "It's this very technology that makes us ideally suited to partner with Easy Solutions as they bring their state-of-the-art authentication framework to an even wider market."

“Our algorithms can be used in any platform, but we are especially focused on mobile banking solutions because we see this niche has been growing internationally in the last term,” said Javier Mira, co-founder and CEO of FacePhi. “Selphi also ensures high security and incorporates a ‘liveness filter,’ where technology is able to distinguish between a photograph and the person in front of the mobile device, thoroughly analyzing the way you blink and thereby avoiding phishing.”

With the additions of the Armorvox and FacePhi technologies to the Easy Solutions platform, customers will now benefit from industry-leading biometrics technology built directly into their banking, financial services and other applications.

Headquartered in Sydney Australia, Auraya is the developer of ArmorVox, the world’s most advanced and most accurate core voice biometric technology.  Proven in major applications in government, banking, financial services, telecommunications, help desks, healthcare, smartphone security, law enforcement and justice, ArmorVox is the ideal core voice biometrics for the strong identity authentication and fraud detection required by Easy Solutions customers and clients, alike. 

FacePhi is a global leader in facial recognition technology. With a strong concentration in the financial sector, its product is rapidly becoming a service used by banks all over the world. 

It is the only company that has entirely designed and developed its own robust algorithm, already validated by the banking sector.  FacePhi provides Selphi, a novel alternative for mobile banking users. This solution can be downloaded to a Smartphone, providing users the option to access mobile banking accounts without a


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