DetectID for Enterprises

DetectID for Enterprises

Unlock the power of secure multi-factor authentication and protect your employees and customers from account takeovers.

A proven authentication system that already protects millions of financial industry customers is now also available for enterprises. DetectID strengthens end user logins by turning smartphones into mobile authentication tokens.

Authentication Made Simple

DetectID was designed to replace complicated and bulky legacy systems. This means faster integration and time-to-value.

Stop Challenging Good Customers

Stop relying on ambiguous “risk-based” variables which generate false positives. Clearly identify risk and suspicious behavior and control event volume.

Complete Range of Factors

DetectID offers a wide variety of authentication methods, from SMS passcodes and hardware tokens to innovative soft tokens and QR Codes.

Enterprise-Wide Coverage and Scalability

Protect remote and privileged access regardless of how many employees you have, where they are located or what devices they are using to retrieve sensitive data. Completely scalable up to millions of users to grow alongside your business, and always able to cover the length and breadth of your enterprise.

Secure VPNs, Web Portals, Desktop Logins

DetectID quickly and easily integrates with virtual private networks (VPNs) like Juniper, Cisco and others, as well as Windows and Linux desktop logins. Also includes APIs and Mobile SDKs for other types of integration, including your custom and proprietary software.

Easy, Single-Tap Authentication

Our latest technology allows your customers to use push notifications for easy, single-tap authentication. This delivers a secure and encrypted communication channel that is resilient against attacks, including those that seek to bypass one-time passcodes.

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