Mobile Authentication

Simple, strong two-factor authentication your mobile customers will love.

Push provides multi-factor authentication delivered right to your customer’s phone. Turn any device into a simple and trusted authentication factor for transaction signing and risk-based authentication.

Single-Tap Authentication

No phone calls to wait for or passcodes to type in; your customers can now just tap a button on their phone to authenticate.

Increase Adoption with the Power of Push

Push notifications provide a native UX that does not interfere with the mobile experience, and actually enhances customer engagement.

No Training Necessary

Transparent or native enrollment option makes it easy for customers to register devices and install the DetectID application on their smartphones or tablets.

Transaction Signing

DetectID offers PKI key generation: legally binding digital signatures for authentication processes and non-repudiation.

A private key is delivered to the mobile device and is used to sign authentication responses, while the public key verifies the signature on the server side

Easy Activation

Push Authentication was built from the ground-up with user-friendly registration for customers and low distribution costs.

Devices can be enrolled transparently using SOAP API calls, QR code scanning or by entering a registration code. The activation process automatically connects to the authentication server to secure the device with a unique secret key.

Trusted Device

In addition to authentication, Easy Solutions delivers real-time mobile analytics and threat deactivation, increasing your decision-making capabilities based on the level of threats present on the device.

Gain full visibility and assess risk on all the mobile devices interacting with your service.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Embed Easy Solutions Push Authentication right into your mobile app with our SDK to start protecting more clients for less and build customer value.

The SDK provides a native, user-friendly platform designed to hide the complexity of the cryptographic operations.

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