Rogue Mobile Application Protection

Find and take down the fake applications impersonating your brands.

Brand impersonation has gone beyond email to the mobile app environments where users are increasingly spending their time. Detect Monitoring Service finds and removes unauthorized applications imitating your brands before your customers can be attacked.

Comprehensively Monitors All App Stores

Detect Monitoring Service scours all major and 3rd-party app stores to remove applications disguised as malware.

Reduce the Risk of Unauthorized Apps

Mitigate the effects of users reducing security on their mobile devices to install apps from unofficial marketplaces.

Security Transparent to the End User

No hardware or software to install, no interruption to your business and no customer friction.

Locate & Eliminate Rogue Apps Impersonating Your Brand

Brand abuse can damage your organization’s reputation and victimize loyal customers. Detect Monitoring Service takes fake apps off the Internet, protecting customers before they can be fooled into downloading potentially malicious applications.

Attack Cybercriminal Financial Incentives in the Mobile Channel

Decrease the cybercriminal profitability of fake apps by reducing the amount of time they are live, and make your organization a more difficult target to attack.

Comprehensive Portal, Detailed Reporting

All events related to potentially malicious applications leveraging your brands are registered in the Easy Solutions Customer Portal as soon as they are detected. This data can also be compiled into customizable reports for easy reference.

Part of a Complete Fraud Intelligence Solution

Detect Monitoring Service keeps track of brand mentions on thousands of social media sites, blogs and domain registrations in addition to mobile application stores, so that this data can be used to halt imminent fraud attacks.

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