Next-generation, flexible & smart multi-factor authentication delivering secure customer access from anywhere, at any time, from any device.

Enhance your customers’ security without inconveniencing them. DetectID is built on the latest standards and easily integrates with legacy authentication systems, helping you significantly cut the time and cost of deploying future-forward multi-factor authentication.

Authentication Made Simple

DetectID was designed to replace complicated and bulky legacy systems. This means faster integration and time-to-value.

Stop Challenging Good Customers

Stop relying on ambiguous “risk-based” variables which generate false positives. Clearly identify risk and suspicious behavior and control event volume.

Complete Range of Factors

DetectID offers a wide variety of authentication methods, from SMS passcodes and hardware tokens to innovative soft tokens and QR Codes.

Add Frictionless Biometrics for Safe and Easy Access

Face, voice and fingerprint biometrics make authentication easy for your customers by utilizing physical user features as an access credential. To ensure a safe implementation, combine biometrics with device analytics and other protection layers like transaction monitoring and device malware detection. This allows alert volumes to be controlled, false positives to be limited, and further authentication factors to be initiated for higher-risk transactions and logins.

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Easy, Single-Tap Authentication

Our latest technology allows your customers to use push notifications for easy, single-tap authentication. This delivers a secure and encrypted communication channel that is resilient against attacks, including those that seek to bypass one-time passwords.

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Transparent and Trusted Device ID

DetectID’s dynamic browser fingerprinting accurately recognizes returning devices no matter what context and configuration changes they undergo. This cookieless device recognition technology minimizes collision rates and friction, maximizes security, and reduces false positives while remaining transparent to end users.

Easily Integrates into Your Security Strategy

Complement your current security solutions and deploy quickly, layering simple and strong authentication on top of your existing infrastructure. Installs directly into your environment, merging with your LDAP/AD directories, authentication, web servers and VPNs.

Future-Ready Mobile SDK

SDK to start protecting more customers for less and build value. The SDK’s native and user-friendly architecture hides all the complexity of the cryptographic operations.

Highly Scalable Architecture

DetectID supports large customer bases up to millions of users, with no downtime or impact to your organization's operations and critical applications. Flexible licensing and deployment options give you the ability to add users at any time with no infrastructure changes required.

Additional Features

  • Multi-Channel Support: Online, Mobile, ATM/POS, IVR & Branch Offices
  • Management Console for Administration & Auditing
  • APIs for Integration and Administration through Web Services, RADIUS & SAML
  • SDKs for Mobile Integration to Add Biometrics to the Mobile Experience

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