All-inclusive End-user Malware Protection

Malware is everywhere, and has already been downloaded onto the vast majority of end-user devices. Any successful strategy to mitigate malware’s damage needs to accept this reality as a given and effectively secure transactions anyway. Detect Safe Browsing from Easy Solutions prevents the malicious activity that leads to account takeovers and other sophisticated criminal attacks, allowing even infected devices to safely perform transactions online.

In this webinar we will cover: 

- Malware protection for 100% of end users, tailored to their individual needs
- Permits secure transactions on any device, even those infected with malware
- A Malware Snapshot™ to enhance attack detection accuracy & aid forensic investigations
- Collaborative protection that uses malware intelligence to take down sites spreading attacks
- On-device threat analytics to disable malware in real-time
- Intuitive portal with detailed data about the types and risk level of malware targeting your users
- Feeds of information into Easy Solutions’ Total Fraud Protection platform to fully disable threats

Paul Wilson
Anti-Fraud Consultant
Easy Solutions

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