Securing SugarCRM Data From Cyber-Criminals - What happens if your SugarCRM Data gets in the wrong hands?

Like all modern business applications, SugarCRM is protected by industry standard physical and network security best practices.  However, all of that security only works if a user's text based password is never misplaced or inadvertently shared.  View this webinar and learn how to extend your SugarCRM system security with multi-factor authentication using sophisticated device protection to prevent today's cyber criminals from breaking through simple text passwords.

What you will learn:

> Why securing SugarCRM is paramount for your business.
> How to manage who has  access  to SugarCRM data.
> X’s and O’s of SugarCRM cyber attacks.
> Steps to counter emerging SugarCRM threats.


David Sylvester
Online Fraud and Security Expert
Easy Solutions, Inc.

White paper - The Power of Multi-Factor Authentication for SugarCRM

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