How Easy Solutions’ Multi-Layered Approach Prevents Fraud

Cybercrime is on the rise across all electronic channels, and one of the greatest challenges organizations and their customers face is figuring out how to protect themselves in a fraud landscape that is always changing. Striking a balance between legacy anti-fraud investments and the need for new technology to identify and mitigate emerging threats can seem difficult and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. In the following videos, Gartner Research Vice President Avivah Litan talks about why a multi-layered security approach is the soundest way to stop threats, while Easy Solutions’ Chief Technology Officer Daniel Ingevaldson goes in depth about why our multi-layered Total Fraud Protection strategy is the most effective way to proactively stop fraud before it happens.

Part One:

Today’s Fraud: Trends and Challenges


In this video, Avivah Litan talks about emerging market trends in web fraud attacks, the most common threats that are claiming the most victims and causing the most financial losses and the typical challenges that organizations face when they implement a strategy for combating web fraud. See Video >

Part Two:

What to Look for in an Anti-Fraud Strategy


In the first half of this segment, Avivah Litan describes the key components and best practices of an ideal multi-layered web fraud prevention solution and the qualities that a model security provider should possess. This is followed by Daniel Ingevaldson introducing Easy Solutions, describing the Total Fraud Protection strategy and explaining how both help customers to deal with the various issues they encounter when attempting to prevent fraud and keep their protection current. See Video >

Part Three:

The Value of Total Fraud Protection


The Easy Solutions Total Fraud Protection platform delivers multi-layered security covering all the phases in the attack lifecycle and across all devices, channels and clouds. In this video Daniel Ingevaldson illustrates the value of the Total Fraud Protection approach, describes how the different solutions work and recounts some of Easy Solutions’ greatest successes in deterring fraud for customers. See Video >

Avivah Litan

Avivah area of expertise includes fraud detection and prevention applications, authentication, identity proofing, identity theft, and other areas of adaptive access management, information security, and risk. She also covers the PCI compliance program, tokenization, and the security aspects of payment systems.

Dan has over 15 years of experience protecting some of the world’s biggest organizations from next-generation threats. Daniel spent a decade at Internet Security Systems, Inc. (ISS), where he held various roles in research, management, consulting and strategy during the company’s early growth stages as well as its acquisition and merger with IBM. He joined ISS in 1998 to form part of the trailblazing “X-Force” R&D group.

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