Who is Using Your Domain for Phishing & Spam? - DMARC Overview

Email is a mission critical channel for most companies, but it has also become a major source of distrust. Most major attacks still use email as a launching pad, and users are taught to be wary of incoming messages. This lack of trust effects your ability to effectively communicate, market and sell via email!

DMARC (Domain Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance) stands to change all that by providing visibility into email flows, telling email receivers to delete spoofed messages, and ensuring that only legitimate emails are delivered to inboxes from protected domains.

In this session, we will cover: 

> The importance of building trust in your email communications
> How to shine a light on all your email servers using the DMARC rails 
> The best way to consolidate, visualize and make sense of DMARC reporting data 


Daniel Ingevaldson
Easy Solutions


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