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DetectID/TA Implementation & Integration Service

DetectID/TA Implementation & Integration Services are specifically designed to maximize ROI by increasing the speed of implementation to provide strong authentication and fraud prevention services.

Easy Solutions works with the following key deliverables that guarantee a successful implementation for DetectID/TA are:

> Design an implementation plan.
> Identify integration point. (Web Services, ISO8583).
> Estimate current and future performance requirements.
> Build and Implement a test plan according to business requirements.
> Install and Integrate DetectID/TA in the current IT environment.
> Formulate the plan the move to production and final roll out.
> Support & Management.

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DetectID/TA Process Design

Technology works to support the business and this is why Easy Solutions created the DetectID/TA Process Design Service that ensure the right business process are in place to effectively manage DetectID/TA according to:

> Current Organization Culture.
> Current Business Processes already in place.
> Ensure minimum impact to end users.

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