Detect Web Application Security Scanning

Web applications are one of the most vulnerable elements of your organization’s security strategy. Their protection is critical since, by design, they are on the Internet and thus available to the public.

Detect Web Application Security (DWAS) Scanning Service provides proactive protection to your web applications by automatically scanning and testing for security vulnerabilities on your web infrastructure (web, proxy, and application servers) before hackers can exploit them.

DWAS Scanning Service also includes the launching of simulated Web attacks, comprehensive reports and remediation guidance. We will assess the GAP between your current security approach and the Open Web Application Security Project’s (OWASP) best practices.


> Detects and deletes a wide range of web application vulnerabilities before hackers exploit them.
> Performs multiple and accurate scanning.
> Works at every stage of the software cycle.
> Simulated attacks included.
> Analyzes different Web technologies, such as JAVA/JSP, PHP, ASP, etc.
> Generates comprehensive reports and provides remediation guidance.
> Assists with regulatory compliance guidance.

Product Features

Detects and Deletes Web
Application Vulnerabilities

Detect Web Application Security Scanning Service provides automatic review of web applications in order to discover and fix web security vulnerabilities, database breaches and worm infections. DWAS detects a wide variety of vulnerabilities that include Input / Output validation (cross-site scripting, SQL injection, etc.), specific application problems and server configuration mistakes.

Multiple and Accurate Scanning

Easy Solutions uses multiple scanning and web penetration tools such as WebScarab, Burp Suite and Paros Proxy to provide in-depth and accurate security reviews. Several of the specific checks include:

> Validate the suitability of authentication mechanisms.
> Look for obvious backdoors.
> Examine the capabilities of manipulating URL parameters and hidden fields.
> Check the use of cookies and verify that no sensitive data is stored in long-term cookies.
> Examine the capabilities of cross-side scripting.
> Verify that the session management is secure.
> Verify that passwords cannot be retrieved from cache.
> Verify that the password auto-complete option is disabled.

Simulated Attacks

DWAS Scanning Service also includes the simulation of malicious user attacks and probes in order to identify security vulnerabilities that a hacker could exploit.

Works at Every Stage of the
Software Cycle

DWAS Scanning Service is compatible with every stage of the software life cycle: from development and installation to auditing.

Analyzes Different Web Technologies

DWAS Scanning Service uses dynamic and language independent testing tools which enable the scanning of JAVA/JSP, PHP, ASP or any other engine-driven web application.

Executive Reports and Remediation

DWAS Scanning Service provides comprehensive reports and assessments. Expert analysts rate the security strength of your applications and provide detailed recommendations for implementing appropriate risk managing procedures.

Assists with Regulatory Compliance

DWAS Scanning Service will give you insight into the security risks posed by your web applications and will help you meet regulatory requirements such as PCI DSS 6.3 and 6.5.


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