PCI DSS Compliance Assessment

The PCI Data Security Standard was created by the five major credit card companies and helps minimize the risk of credit card fraud, hacking and other security exposures.

PCI compliance impacts any organization that touches consumer card data, including banks, merchants, credit card processors, hosting providers, and other organizations that store, process or transmit payment card data. Failure to meet PCI DSS requirements can have economic impacts for merchants and financial institutions.

Easy Solutions is a Certified Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) Company by PCI SSC. As a QSA Company, Easy Solutions is certified to help financial institutions and all levels of merchants manage data security risks, evaluate the security of their payment data storing systems, and achieve compliance with the PCI DSS.

Easy Solutions' experienced team of security professionals helps organizations, both large and small, to not only achieve and maintain compliance with PCI standards, but also to mitigate electronic threats such as phishing, pharming and identity theft.


> Vulnerability and Wireless Network Scans.
> Penetration Test.
> Gap Assessment.
> Customized and cost-effective remediation plan.
> Annual onsite PCI assessment with Report On Compliance (ROC).
> Comprehensive security solutions and services.

Service Features

Vulnerability and Wireless Network Scans

The vulnerability scanning service identifies the security vulnerabilities before hackers take advantage of them. Our scanning services consider external and internal vulnerabilities as well as vulnerabilities of the virtualized environment which include hypervisors and virtualization consoles.

The wireless network scanning service focuses on the PCI 11.1 requirement and detects unauthorized wireless access points and vulnerabilities on the authorized access points connections.

Penetration Test

The penetration test simulates an attack from outside and inside the organization and determines security vulnerabilities that may not be detected with the vulnerability scanning service.

The penetration test also assesses the level of impact of successful attacks on both the business and operations.

Gap Assessment

The gap assessment service identifies the difference between the actual security posture and the PCI DSS requirements. It helps bridge that space by measuring the investment of time, money and human resources that are required to achieve PCI compliance.

This service provides strategic and tactical recommendations to achieve compliance based on the business’s specific needs.

Customized and cost-effective
remediation plan

Our PCI compliance assessment will advise the best solutions for your business in order to solve the PCI DSS gaps. The remediation plan includes:

> Policy development
> Compensating controls
> Network architecture design
> Technology recommendations

Annual onsite PCI
assessment with
Report On Compliance (ROC)

The Report On Compliance delivers a comprehensive review of the organization’s security strategies, processes and procedures according to PCI compliance specifications for networks, servers and databases involved in the transmission, storage and processing of credit card data.

Easy Solutions Inc., as a Certified QSA Company, can produce the annual Report On Compliance (ROC) for your company and help you achieve PCI DSS compliance.

Comprehensive security
solutions and

Easy Solutions products, services and security professionals help organizations comply with regulations and proactively protect users, systems and data from electronic threats such as phishing, pharming, identity theft, and more.


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