Leadership Team

Silvia Lopez

Chief Marketing Officer

As our Chief Marketing Officer, Silvia is responsible for keeping a watchful eye on the information security market and brainstorming what comes next. What do our customers need, and how can we provide it? By researching information security issues, domestic and international regulations, market trends and customer behavior and desires, she helps Easy Solutions develop the ideas that will become our products and services of the future. Due in part to her perceptions of market opportunities and client needs, Easy Solutions developed its comprehensive suite of Total Fraud Protection® products. Many companies in the information security field were and still are focusing on only a small part of the electronic fraud problem, motivating us to create a more wide-ranging collection of services that can work together to combat electronic fraud in a variety of different ways and at any stage of an attack, across different transaction channels.

With a degree in industrial engineering from the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, Colombia, Silvia intuitively understands the information security field, and is able to effectively communicate how our products and services function to a lay audience, forming an effective bridge between the technologically proficient and those who simply want to know their transaction channels are protected without getting too far into the weeds. As the quantity of threats against all online banking and shopping consumers and vendors continues to grow exponentially, good communication of what these threats can mean to those targeted is crucial. Silvia’s familiarity with information security issues and how to successfully combat electronic fraud is an essential part of Easy Solutions’ ability to make the internet a safe place to do business.

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