Mobile Application Fraud Protection Suite

Mobile Fraud Protection

Fortify your mobile app with self-protection, authentication and rogue app takedown.

Now more than ever, consumers are demanding full shopping and banking functionality from the convenience of their smartphones and tablets. But cybercriminals are already exploiting the unique security vulnerabilities inherent in mobile devices using a variety of threats specifically designed for the platform. Banks and online retailers need a multi-pronged approach to meet customer demands while also keeping them safe.

Mitigate Targeted Mobile Attacks

Detect and protect against the latest mobile threats, such as pharming, app spoofing, repackaged apps, man-in-the-middle attacks and more.

Strong End-User Authentication

Implement strong in-app authentication and transaction signing for all financial activity carried out on mobile devices.

Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

Get visibility into the risks affecting your customers’ mobile devices and receive detailed analytics and reports about end-user device health and security incidents.

Shut Down Rogue Applications As An Attack Vector

Cybercriminals are intent on capturing your customers’ credentials in order to steal money from their accounts, and to this end they construct mobile applications that look just like yours. These rogue apps hide behind brand associations in app stores, but our Security Operations Center (SOC) agents tirelessly scan the web looking for them. When one is found, we take the necessary measures to have it removed immediately.

Multi-Factor Authentication as Part of Your Mobile App

Our mobile authentication software development kits (SDKs) directly integrate into your app and create a hardware-based fingerprint of end users’ mobile devices. Each login request is analyzed to confirm a customer’s identity. The solution also offers the widest range of authentication factors, including push authentication, mobile one-time passwords, and biometric recognition – all without causing friction for your genuine customers.

Identify and Respond to Devices at Risk

Use the Risk Controller™ feature to make sure customers are running your app in safe environment. Detect jailbroken and rooted devices, debuggers, pharming infections, insecure Wi-Fi networks, and many other signs of a compromised device. Enable risk-based access or trigger multi-factor authentication on the riskiest devices.

Attack Cybercriminal Financial Incentives on the Mobile Channel

Decrease the cybercriminal profitability of mobile attacks and make your organization a more difficult target. Reduce the uptime of mobile threats, harden applications to the risks that end-user devices may contain, and identify evidence of potential account takeovers before they can cash out.

Robust Application Validation and Secure Storage

Prevent cybercriminal impersonation of your apps and strengthen them against tampering, exploits and repackaging. Respond to identified attacks with instant alerts and repairs. Encrypt and protect data at rest in the application to prevent unauthorized access to the sensitive information it may contain.

Part of an All-Inclusive Fraud Protection Strategy

Safeguard your entire customer base with anti-fraud defense tailored to their individual needs and threat environment. AppGate mobile SDKs for secure navigation and strong authentication, as well as our rogue app monitoring, are part of our Total Fraud Protection strategy, which includes fraud intelligence, email authentication and transaction risk monitoring to ensure protected transactions on any device.


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