Anti-Phishing Protection

How fast can you identify and take down a phishing site?

Phishing is the use of electronic communication to acquire personal and sensitive information, such as usernames and passwords, financial account information or social security numbers, often by pretending to be a trusted organization. Phishing is typically carried out via email, but has spread to other channels, such as social media and mobile, as fraudsters adapt their methods to remain profitable and avoid detection.


How we can amplify your anti-phishing strategy:

Relax knowing that your company is always protected from phishing attacks by our managed, round-the-clock service.


Let our trained team of experts worry about phishing for you

We monitor your brand across all popular phishing channels and take down attacks before your customers are impacted. You receive instant notifications about threats, detailed reports and a portal to monitor activity.


Reclaim your email channel and stop brand spoofing

Boost your DMARC reporting data with our data visualization and management tool. Force criminals to use fake domains when sending phishing campaigns, which are much easier for customers to spot. Our team also monitors new domain registrations for any brand infringements.


Limit your company’s exposure to phishing

Takedown time is vital to limiting the number of customers that are exposed to an attack. Our average takedown time of 3.6 hours, compared to the industry average of over 30 hours, protects your company from avoidable losses. You can monitor how we perform for you in our customer portal.

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