Biometric Authentication

Striking the Balance between Friction and Security

Your business faces a dilemma – how to protect your customers from increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks without the hassle of overly complex login methods. The mobile phone has brought instant gratification to users, and they are not accustomed to the inconvenience that some security products require. But there is a solution: biometric technology that integrates your customers’ individual physical attributes, including their fingerprints, voice and facial features, into your authentication strategy. Using these methods alongside other factors such as device recognition and analytics provides security and convenience.

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How Biometric Security Can Help Safeguard Personal Info and Online Accounts:


Less Friction Equals More Convenience

Verify your end users more accurately, build a strong deterrent against would-be attackers, and provide frictionless online access. Simple and convenient biometrics reduce the need to memorize passwords or carry around security tokens.


Flexible Biometrics Enabled by SelfID Facial Recognition

State-of-the-art facial and voice recognition, along with fingerprint identification technology that works with common Touch ID readers in mobile phones, are a part of Cxytera DetectID strong authentication platform. Sophisticated facial scanning and liveness detection from SelfID prompts users to perform gestures such as side-to-side movement in order to authenticate a transaction, thus protecting against fraudsters who may try to circumvent less sophisticated facial scanners with static photos of the end user.


Biometrics Part of a More Powerful, Holistic Security Approach

Our Detect Safe Browsing solution features device risk analytics that take information from the mobile device, like a malware infection or if the device is jail-broken, to determine whether a transaction is risky. Combined with biometrics, this can substantially reduce risk of a fraud attack. The push notifications from our DetectID solution arrive instantly, and are more secure and effective than SMS-based systems.


Multi-Channel Biometric Protection

Allow customers to authenticate their identity no matter where they are performing transactions. Using our biometrics as part of your authentication platform can help to secure access to the widest range of transaction channels, including ATMs, IVRs and branch offices. Choosing the right types of authentication factors for each scenario will lead to more use of each channel, in a more secure manner.


Secure Mobile Apps with Fingerprint API

Our biometric solutions also support fingerprint scanners that are becoming standard on most new Android OS and iOS phones. Android OS phones first introduced them with the Marshmallow Fingerprint API. The solution supports the iPhone 5s through to the iPhone 7 ‘Touch ID’ readers as well. DetectID supports the fingerprint readers of both operating systems. Android models are following a cross-company manufacturing standard that will be the benchmark fingerprint reader on all devices, including the new Nexus devices, Samsung S7, LG G5, and OnePlus3.

 Biometrics Framework
Additional Features

Multi-Channel Support: Online, Mobile, ATM/POS, IVR & Branch Offices

Management Console for Administration & Auditing

APIs for Integration and Administration through Web Services, RADIUS & SAML

SDKs for Mobile Integration to Add Biometrics to the Mobile Experience

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