Card-Not-Present (CNP) Fraud Prevention

Is your company ready for the fraud shift?

CNP fraud can occur for any transaction where the physical card does not need to be present. Fraud shifts to CNP channels, such as online and mobile, when compromising face-to-face transactions becomes more difficult. Experts believe CNP fraud will skyrocket as chip-secured credit and debit cards become standard worldwide.


How we help prevent CNP fraud:

Our layered approach helps to foil CNP fraud at every stage of an attack, so that unauthorized transactions can be detected early and shut down before customers are victimized.


Card-not-present authentication - Eliminate e-commerce–related credit and debit card fraud with a user-friendly reinterpretation of the 3-D Secure protocol.

Uniquely authenticate computers and mobile devices with a device fingerprint whenever online transactions are performed, and launch additional factors such as push notifications to verify activity on unrecognized devices. Boost 3-D Secure authentication processes, providing an intuitive way for cardholders to authorize transactions made online by using their mobile phones or tablets. Every user response is digitally signed with their unique private key, facilitating nonrepudiation, and is then returned to the issuer encrypted end to end.


Behavioral Analytics for real-time decisioning and reporting

Instantly identify CNP transactions that deviate from normal customer account behavior and receive immediate alerts about possible fraud to stop attacks before money is removed.


Secure transactions and receive analytics from malware-infected devices

Incorporate customer devices as part of your fraud prevention strategy by getting a real-time view into the end-user threat environment. These analytics can help you identify trends and isolate customers that are more disposed to current risks.

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