Email and Domain Spoofing Prevention

Do You Know Who’s Using Your Domain for Phishing and Spam?

Get complete visibility into all internal and third-party email flows while filtering out threats. Make phishing and other impersonation attacks more expensive and less profitable for cybercriminals to carry out using email authentication, domain spoofing detection, strict enforcement of email governance policies and phishing site takedown.


How we can make phishing a much less effective fraud tactic for cybercriminals:

Restore trust in email and communicate securely with your customers.


Prevent forged messages from ever reaching customer inboxes

DMARC (Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) is an authentication specification to reduce spamming and phishing. Fully leverage this emerging standard to globally block fraudulent emails spoofing your accounts and domains.


Use DMARC reporting data to deactivate phishing attacks

Utilize the information that DMARC collects about the quantity and nature of phishing attacks targeting your brands to find the URLs sending emails in your organization’s name and completely remove those sites from the Internet.


Go Beyond Spoofing Prevention and Take Down Similar Domains

Even fraudulent domains need to be registered. Monitor domain registrations for suspicious names that may be using your brands and trademarks in an unauthorized manner so that the sites can be taken down before your customers are victimized.

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