External Threat Protection

Attacks coming from social media, mobile apps and emails are now commonplace and more dangerous than ever.

No matter how secure internal systems are, the fact remains that most fraud attacks target end-users. Social media, mobile apps, cousin domains, spoofed emails and malware can all be used to carry out fraud. Proactively protect your organization from all of them.


Protection across the widest range of online threats

Receive real-time alerts and initiate the takedown process whenever there is potentially malicious activity occuring with your company on social media, in app stores, a similiar domain is registered, an email is spoofed or an end-user device is compromised.


Always on protection

Constantly monitoring all these channels for threats is a full-time commitment. With leading technology and a trained team of security specialists working around-the-clock in our state-of-the-art Security Operations Center (SOC), you can rest assured knowing external threats are covered.


Comprehensive reporting

Access to a complete view of incidents and incident status through a custom online portal. You have the ability to set up email alerts, create quick online customizable reports and request additional takedowns on specific attacks.

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