Insider and Privileged User Account Threats

Are You Prepared to Manage Insider Threats?

Insider and privileged user threats are risks to internal cyber infrastructure posed by employees, contractors, sub-contractors and business partners. Internal breaches can lead to fraud losses, but also data loss and intellectual property compromise. Insider threats are on the rise and most organizations are not yet equipped to neutralize the risks.


How we can help you tackle insider threats:

Like any customer fraud prevention strategy, a layered approach is key to ensuring internal data is safe.


Gain visibility to know who is accessing sensitive data and when

Identify computers and mobile devices that are accessing your internal networks with unique device fingerprints, and add additional authentication factors to verify unrecognized devices.


Protect executive email accounts from being spoofed

Phishing attacks using spoofed executive email addresses are on the rise. Keep these accounts safe by using the DMARC email authentication standard, so that every internal email is legitimate.


Ensure that devices accessing privileged accounts are safe

Malware can make its way onto devices that are typically used to access privileged accounts via phishing attacks or insecure web surfing. Our safe browsing suite can safeguard logins to protected sites even on malware-infected devices.

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