Risk Orchestrator

Dynamic Protection for Complex Fraud

Too often, organizations rely on a set of disparate solutions to cover their broad security needs. However, a lack of communication between these systems creates gaps in protection, leaving organizations at high risk of attack. Risk Orchestrator is an agile, dynamic solution that can integrate strong authentication, transaction monitoring, device context, and brand monitoring to provide customizable protection across the fraud cycle.


Risk Orchestrator allows you to coordinate your anti-fraud strategy to meet your unique needs.


Agile Response to Threats

Dynamic protection able to manage new and known threats permits organizations to flexibly prevent and respond to attacks.


Orchestrate Flows for Maximum Protection

Create customized, powerful workflows and utilize the products that best serve your organization’s specific needs.


Real-Time Intelligence Sharing

Risk Orchestrator provides clear, real-time communication between different products to ensure that all information is used in the decision-making process.


Balance User Experience with Security

Ensure that your users enjoy the highest level of protection without compromising on experience.


Simplified Implementation, Lower Costs

Streamlined implementation and integration saves time and resources, and the power of solutions working together reduces your organization’s case management load.

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