Targeted Attack Protection

What’s Your Backup Plan If Customers Enable a Fraud Attack?

Inherently risky customers don’t always employ best security practices when using their devices, allowing even the strongest anti-fraud solutions to be disabled by cybercriminals exploiting subtle social engineering techniques. Organizations need additional security layers to detect and prevent threats throughout the lifecycle of a typical attack in case any single layer is circumvented.


How we can mitigate the damage caused by fraud attacks on your customers:

Keep customers safe even when they can’t or won’t protect themselves.


Make your organization more difficult and costly to attack

Detect fraud at various points during the threat lifecycle so that your organization becomes more expensive to successfully attack and frustrated cybercriminals give up and look elsewhere for easier prey.


Disable malware on end-user devices

Mitigate unsafe end-user browsing behavior, block online and mobile threats in real time and allow infected devices to safely perform transactions with flexible anti-malware protection.


Behavioral analytics to detect deviations from normal user behavior

Identify suspicious and irregular activity based on a close inspection of individual account habits, regardless of how an attack might be carried out or whether other security layers have already been penetrated.

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