Unauthorized Access Detection

Can You Identify When Your Systems Are Accessed with Stolen Credentials?

Widespread password cracking and theft means that a successful login is no longer a guarantee of legitimate access to sensitive systems and accounts. The most effective way to prevent account takeover through stolen credentials is to comprehensively keep track of all user login activity, so that any anomalous access attempts can be stopped before compromise occurs.


Proactively prevent fraud by instantly identifying and mitigating unauthorized access incidents:

Detect suspicious login activity and provide secure entry to sensitive portals.


Receive immediate alerts about questionable login attempts

Get notifications when login activity similar to the common behavioral patterns of unauthorized access is observed, such as repeated login tries with different credentials, logins from unusual places or at strange times and much more.


Analyze login metrics from every angle

Receive complete reporting about login statistics to efficiently manage incident response and comply with local and international regulations.


Turn smartphones into trusted authentication factors

Send prompt, interactive push notifications directly to customer and employee mobile devices so that logins can be verified with a single tap of the screen.

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