Brand Protection

Control Brand Integrity & Maintain Customer Trust

Cybercriminals are impersonating legitimate brands by mimicking names, logos, emails, websites and apps. Brand abuse and exploitation taints the reputation of victimized companies, erodes customer trust, and undoubtedly causes revenue loss. Brand Protection from Easy Solutions puts companies back in control of their image and reputation.


Take Action Against Online Threats Targeting Your Brand

An all-encompassing solution that puts you back in control of the brand’s image and reputation.


Brand Abuse Proactive Defense

Do not let cybercriminals illegally represent your organization. Brand Protection fights brand misuse by finding and removing a wide rage of threats before customers are reached.


Effective Phishing Detection

A dedicated threat intelligence team that monitors 26 billion connections yearly, provides proactive detection, analysis, and mitigation of phishing sites targeting your brand.


Email Abuse Protection

Email remains an essential business tool. Gain visibility into email flows, filter attacks, and restore trust in the corporate email channel.


Unrivaled Takedown Service

Our vigilant experts are able to remove attacks faster than the industry average. The state-of-the-art service makes Easy Solutions the top choice for organizations that need attacks rapidly eliminated.

Brand Protection
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